Evening dress

Evening dress

Late, I know, but I felt I needed to close out this fashion show topic for 2012….

This was my first real foray into making an evening gown and had little time to figure out how to get the look that I wanted with the budget that I had.  What I wanted a column dress that swept out a bit in the front and longer in the back, a look somewhat reminiscent of 1930’s Old Hollywood.

Feather beltI used black charmeuse fabric for the dress and sequin trim and green peacock feathers to make the halter and belt.  I had wanted to go a different direction with the trim, however the amount of hand-sewing it would have required was out of my reach timewise…I had to finish.

backI debated adding the feather in the back, but thought it’d give interest and balance to the feather element in the front.  It’s a lot more pared down look than I originally planned because I ran out of time, but I’m a fan of the minimalistic Calvin Klein look, so I’ve made my peace with it.