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My RTW version of a Daenerys Targaryen inspired dress

A friend of mine shared the news that HerUniverse was running a fashion design contest for the best ‘geek couture’ outfit at ComicCon. The judges didn’t want to see a costume, they wanted a runway fashion design inspired by any TV show, movies, books, comics shown at ComicCon. I thought it would be fun to try and see what happens!

I submitted the above illustration, which is based on the character Daenerys Targeryn from the book and TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. I’ll know by April 18th if my design is picked, and if it is, I would make the proposed outfit for the runway show in July at ComicCon. The prize is that two winners -by judge and audience – will collaborate on a collection for Hot Topic and share in the proceeds.

I picked Daenerys mainly due to the strong female character she represents and the amazing costume work of Michelle Carragher. The embroidery and detail she puts into each of the costumes is astounding. I remember my mom working on incredibly detailed embroidery projects and being amazed…but these 3-D embroideries take it to the next level.

Game of Thrones, Costumes, Michelle Carragher

And Carragher is very generous in sharing her craft, she shows how she created the dragonscale on Daenerys Targaryen’s costume

Game of Thrones, Dragonscale, Michelle Carragher, Daenerys TargaryenIf I were picked to be a finalist, I would use this beautiful metallic jacquard fabric below at Michael Levine’s for the base of the coat wrap dress. And then use gunmetal painted leather, beds, sequins to create the dragon embellishments.

Looks somewhat like dragonscale, no?

But regardless of whether I’m a finalist or winner, challenging myself to sketch a design with interesting parameters was enjoyable, and if I am a finalist and make the garment but don’t win, I’ll still have a very editorial dress to photograph. The feel of the garment and shape is still in keeping with the aesthetic that I love and intend to carry forward in my own line.