A somewhat Easter related topic:

My 3 year old niece found and loves to watch videos of people opening plastic eggs with surprises inside…so weird. My brother and his family just moved to Italy and imagine our surprise…kinder eggs are big thing there, she’s in heaven! Kinder surprise eggs are hollow chocolate eggs with a toy inside, and it’s banned in the US because of a “non-nutritive object embedded in it”. While I understand it’s to protect children, sometimes I feel current/future generations miss out on wonderful things from the past…

  • For my sewists: Another sewist Cathy found a great organizational app for your patterns, measurements, fabrics, etc.
  • For my designers: An analysis on why young designers have a hard time finding investors, and Forbes looks at why fledgling designers fail…but cheer up, there’s now a new way to sell directly to consumers online
  • I have no words – a crying millennial has no idea how to clean up broken glass.
  • The selfie trend is out of control, the 105 highway was shut down due to someone attempting to jump off a bridge and these motorists decided it was a great moment to do a group selfie. I mean…
  • Here are 25 facts about ‘Say Anything’ in celebration of its 25th anniversary (say whaaaat?!)
  • A 1927 mural was just uncovered from layers of white paint and plaster at the iconic Sherry-Netherland hotel in NYC, and it is beautiful

Also, I found out my design didn’t make it in to the design competition. Boooo. While it’s a total bummer, I’m not too surprised as it doesn’t exactly scream Hot Topic (the competition partner). However, I think I’ll make the design in some kind of iteration. I think I’ve also resolved to make editorial pieces where I can let my creativity run wild and I don’t have to factor in production costs and a million other things, which admittedly has stifled some of my creative process.