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So….I guess it’s been since May since I’ve posted…whoops. lol  I’ve wanted to post an update for a long time, but I’d start a post and then get distracted with the tasks related to everything below. (Squirrel!!).

So, here are the 3 big things that I’ve been working on….

1. Costuming:

Angelito In Your Eye, short film, costumes, wardrobe stylist, costumer,

I was the costume designer and wardrobe stylist on this short film, and we’ll be wrapping up filming this weekend. It’s been a crazy and challenging process, as the film had virtually no budget, but the one costume I had to make had to be somewhat serious. The costume had to read ethereal, a little wacky (but not a joke), and be workable (not too bright or dark) with some of the color correction we’re doing in post-production. While I can’t share a picture of the costume yet, I can say that it was received well by those who have seen it, and by onlookers who stopped by to ask who the costume designer was while we were filming.

From just the few shots I saw in the camera, I was impressed with how visually stunning the film already was with just raw footage. This shot of one of the scenes (of which I did the wardrobe styling) is just a glimmer of how beautiful the shots were that day.

Angelito In Your Eye, Cameron Moir, Valeria Zunzun,


Here’s the logline for the movie, if you care to read about it:

Dejected and despondent, Ben is becoming unhinged. On the road back to hope, he meets his Higher Self, who turns out to be a rather feisty and eccentric Spanish woman! Will these two ever get together? Will Ben find his sanity again? In the process, he stumbles upon madness, mayhem, and magic. “Angelito in Your Eye” is a funny, fantastical look at finding inner peace. Sometimes the sublime is the ridiculous.


2. My brand and a 1920s-inspired Etsy store:

D. F. Buchanan, Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan

Since graduating from fashion design school, I’ve started a brand called D. F. Buchanan (after Daisy Fay Buchanan from The Great Gatsby). The style from that era has always fascinated me, so that’s where I’m drawing inspiration from. While I’m developing a clothes collection, to hopefully debut next year, I’ve opened an Etsy shop in the interim of related 1920s inspired items.

My Etsy shop name is D. F. Buchanan (searchable as DFBuchanan) and while the offerings are sparse now, I’ll be adding more to the shop as soon as I get them professionally shot (which is important for marketing purposes). Be sure to Favorite my shop if you’re on Etsy to keep apprised of new things….

Home decor (professionally shot by Leandro Fornasir and styled by Sinclaire Chase)

And 1920’s accessories (not professionally shot yet, but available)

1920s headband,




I want to offer my readers a discount if you’d like to order from my store. Just use code word: Blogfriends to get 20% off on any of the orders until the end of the year.

ETA: If you’re someone I know in L.A. (or I’ll see you in person), please use coupon code NoShipping and I’ll just hand-deliver it to you.

3. A Costume/Cosplay Etsy store (name to be determined)

I’m planning to open one in the future, as I’m making costumes for my niece, recitals and films already….why not provide it for others? I think it’ll be a great avenue in which to showcase my costuming capabilities (for my portfolio) and provide good quality costumes (and possibly patterns?) for those who might want it.

So…there we go, those are the big updates happening in my life. I kind of feel like the cork is out of the bottle now and I can get back to posting regularly. Thank you to those who continue to read my blog!