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One of my favorite reality shows The Fashion Fund has just posted their recent season, and you guys…I’m disappointed. I’m sure that moving from Hulu, to Ovation, then to Amazon, now hosted on Vogue’s own site has done a number on the budget allocated to the series. However, I feel something has been lost in the transition.

Last season the 10 episodes averaged about 25 minutes, this season the 6 episodes average about 10 minutes. In addition to 4 hours of time missing is the amount of time devoted to the designers themselves. The series lost the backstory of the designers, the designers thought-process behind their submissions, how being a Fashion Fund finalist is affecting their time management, the in-person visit by the judges to the designers studio, how the designers manage their image in the Vogue fashion shoot, lengthy discussions about the business aspect of managing a brand, how Vogue curates the looks for the fashion show (especially Anna Wintour’s input), and most importantly who these designers are beyond the soundbite. This series is usually a reality check to budding designers about what it takes to make it as a designer in the fashion industry. I learned more from this Fashionista May article ‘How To Fund A Fashion Brand‘ that has input from the 2015 Fashion Fund finalists than this year’s 2016 Fashion Fund. I also felt Vogue’s Selby Drummond was inserted way too much into the series, more of her personality and editorialization was allowed to shine through than any of the designers (or their stories) or even Anna Wintour.

Anyone else a Fashion Fund watcher? What did you think?